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Greetings Bobcat Family,

Is it Monday yet?!?!? This has been a whirlwind week for us and I can only imagine how it has been for you. I want to publicly thank our fine staff and faculty for pivoting at a moment’s notice and adjusting plans to meet the new start date and format with [email protected] while receiving, prepping, and distributing around 700 devices to our students and preparing to deliver instruction to our fantastic Bobcats through three different platforms. And a big thank you goes out to you, our parents and guardians, as well. Your patience and understanding as we move through this with a few hiccups and jump-starts has been greatly appreciated. I have no doubt that there will be some more “glitches” especially at the beginning, but I have every confidence that we will work through them and resolve them.

I know we are all anxious for (and about) Monday and there is nothing more that we wish for than to be able to see our kids face to face. We are all hoping that a safe and joyous reunion occurs soon! In the meantime, please keep an eye and an ear out for our emails and Connect-Orange calls and, as always, check-out our social media pages for updates. We will get any new information out to you as soon as we can.

If you were unable to pick up your device on Thursday or Friday please come by on Monday to get it. If you call ahead, it will make it easier for us to have it ready for you.

Enjoy the weekend and we will see you bright and early at 8:45 for our first day of school on Monday!

We wish you well,
Jim Weis

Did you miss laptop and iPad distribution on Thursday and Friday? Please contact our front office at (407) 354-2610 to arrange a time to come by and pick up your student device.  

Parent Resources for OCPSLaunchED@Home


As we start LaunchEd for all students on Monday, August 10, you may have questions about the various programs and platforms that your student will use to engage in virtual classroom instruction. Be sure to check out the LaunchEd parent resources offered by OCPS. Please remember, those students who chose Face to Face instruction will begin with virtual instruction on August 10th and move to Face to Face instruction on Friday, August 21st.

Click here for the Parent LaunchEd Resource Site

A Message from Superintendent Jenkins:

Hello parents, this is a message before we begin school via [email protected] on Monday. As we approach the start of face-to-face school, there will be a separate message to impacted families. Remember, there is no harm or penalty if your child can’t participate during these first 9 days.

If you are participating, I want to thank you in advance for partnering with your school and teachers through this process. Please bear with us as we try to accommodate all the needs. Here are a couple of tips from our IT and curriculum experts:

1. Test out your device prior to Monday morning. Your service provider (or hot spot provider) should be contacted if you have trouble getting on the internet this weekend.

2. If you have time, view the information found at

3. If you experience problems on Monday:

  • Try turning the device off, wait 60 seconds, and then restart it.
  • Touch base with your service providerto make sure the connection is working.
  • Let your school know you are having a problem so they can log all concerns.
  • Try the connection again after a few minutes.

4. Help your child to relax during the process, as there are no penalties for not being able to log on.

5. For those students receiving an iPad from their school, a few will need to finish downloading apps. We ask that each student turn on their iPad once at home, and connect to their home WiFior hotspot. This will not only prepare our students for the first day of school, but also download remaining apps if needed.

OCPS and AT&T have prepared for the increased traffic, but complications are to be expected with the volume of participants. Teachers and principals will also be working through the challenges. The experience should improve with time. I want to thank you in advance for your patience and your partnership. Have a happy and safe weekend.

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