Mission, Vision, and Goals


To be the top producer of successful students in the nation


To lead our students to success with the support and involvement of families and the community


To focus our efforts to accomplish our mission and achieve our vision, the board and superintendent set five broad goals.

  • Intense Focus on Student Achievement

  • High-Performing and Dedicated Team

  • Safe Learning and Working Environment

  • Efficient Operations

  • Sustained Community Engagement

Palm Lake Elementary


Palm Lake Elementary School’s purpose is to determine, develop, and enrich students’ academic, personal, and social needs while fostering a desire for learning and a sense of self in the world.

We fulfill our school purpose through high expectations for all students to learn using integrated curriculum to facilitate hands-on, experiential learning opportunities, develop real world problem solving skills, and build positive relationships with self, peers, and adults using academic and social skills within classroom communities from Kindergarten through Fifth grade.


In 2005, Palm Lake Elementary was recognized as a Blue Ribbon School. The Blue Ribbon Schools Program honors public and private K-12 schools that are either academically superior in their state or that demonstrate dramatic gains in student achievement. Each year since 1982, the U.S. Department of Education has sought out schools where students attain and maintain high academic goals. Using standards of excellence evidenced by student achievement measures and the characteristics known from research to epitomize school quality, the Department celebrates schools that beat the odds. Palm Lake is one of the few schools in the state of Florida to receive this prestigious award.