Progress Report and Report Card Dates

2017-2018 Progress Report & Report Card Dates

Progress Reports and Reports Cards will be distributed on or near the dates listed below. These dates may change and should serve as a guideline only. For questions about report card grades, please ask your child's teacher. You may also contact the front office at 407-354-2610 to request a parent conference.

Progress Report and Report Card Dates

Grade Reporting

Approximate Date

Quarter 1 Progress Report September 15, 2017
Quarter 1 Report Card  October 26, 2017
Quarter 2 Progress Report  November 17, 2017
Quarter 2 Report Card  January 19, 2018
Quarter 3 Progress Report February 16, 2018
Quarter 3 Report Card  March 30, 2018
Quarter 4 Progress Report  April 27, 2018
Quarter 4/Final Report Card June 15, 2018