Back to School Year Info

Greetings Bobcat family!

We are almost there.  I know this has been a confusing, and often frustrating, few weeks as we move into the start of the year.  It has been quite a challenge for us as well as we plan and adjust for different instructional models and all that these changes entail.  The most frequent question I have gotten is in regards to device distribution for our [email protected] model.  We too are anxiously waiting for their arrival as they move through processing and delivery to our schools.  Once we have them, then there is another process that we will have to go through to get them ready for individual assignment to our students.  As we get information we will pass it on to you.  As you can imagine, there may be a quick turnaround to get the devices out of our hands and into yours.  We will notify you through Connect-Orange and Social Media as to when and how this transfer will take place.

Many of you have been on Skyward already and seen who you think your teacher might be.  While this may be true for some, these are pre-Covid-19 rosters and may look completely different once we determine which teachers will be teaching each of our different instructional models.  We hope to have this completed early next week.  Grade level supply lists are posted on social media and may include separate lists for the F2F and [email protected] models.  Our annual Meet Your Teacher event will, by necessity, be done virtually with the teachers contacting their students throughout the week.  These are certainly different times.

Most of all, I would like to thank you for your patience during this pandemic.  It can be difficult navigating an ever-changing landscape.  Even though our students are taking different paths, we will all arrive at the same destination together… better for the journey; better for the experience, better for the ones we travelled with.


I wish you well,


Jim Weis



Palm Lake Elementary